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At Manor Farm Junior School, we believe that  Art and Design should be central to a well-rounded education. All children at Manor Farm Junior School participate in Art and Design lessons delivered by their class teacher. The children use sketchbooks to plan their ideas and record their experiences and inspirations in order to develop ideas and show progression in their artistic and design ability. We plan for children to learn both individually and in groups to produce learning outcomes in both two and three dimensions. 

A wide range of artists and designers are studied through our art and DT curriculum. Cultural diversity is celebrated through art, design, artists and designers and we encourage children to be curious about art, develop an understanding of and articulate their artistic preferences.

Children are empowered to experiment with, discover and create with different materials in the classroom. Classes and groups take part in enrichment opportunities such as educational visits to museums, galleries and exhibitions, visits from local artists and designers and extracurricular learning opportunities such as after school clubs. 

From Year 3 to Year 6, children are encouraged to be brave and ‘get their hands dirty’ through experimenting, painting, drawing, sculpting and designing. Art skills such as shading, painting, and sculpting are progressed as children devrough the school. At Manor Farm Junior School, we want the skills children learn to make them resourceful, innovative, enterprising and capable. Children are encouraged to be analytical and take on board feedback in order to develop their ideas further. Mistakes are seen as essential in the Art and Design curriculum as a way of continuing to make improvements and push learning forward.

Art and design Curriculum statement

Art and design Progression of skills