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At Manor Farm Junior School we believe that Religious Education (RE) plays a crucial role in promoting pupils' spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development. We want all children to show curiosity and ask increasingly challenging questions about religion, belief, values and human life. We will provide children with the opportunities to explore and extend their knowledge and understanding on Christianity, Islam and Hinduism as well as looking at Humanism and Non-religious world views.  

At Manor Farm Junior School we want children to uphold the integrity of their own beliefs while also being tolerant and showing a mutual understanding of other religions and cultures within the wider community. We aim to distinguish between ideas of right and wrong and value what is good and true. We want children to think differently about the world around them and form their own opinions. We will provide children with the skills needed in order for them to express their own ideas in response to the material they engage with; identifying relevant information, selecting examples and giving reasons to support their ideas and views. 


Religious Education will be taught every other half term and follow the Buckinghamshire Agreed Syllabus for RE. There will also be assemblies and visits from and to our local faith communities to develop the children’s understanding. 

Pupils will develop their inquiry and investigative skills with the use of key questioning to stimulate discussions and a respectful debate. Pupils will be encouraged to have an open attitude and curiosity within these discussions. Through these approaches, pupils will have the bravery and confidence to ask questions to develop their understanding on a range of different beliefs and cultures, while still showing mutual respect and tolerance. 


Pupils will be able to understand the world they live in by developing their religious literacy. They will have the skills in recognising, handling and analysing the big questions and concepts that arise from experiences and help make sense of life. Children will be able to reflect on their own and others experiences through the use of debating, reasoning, self-expression, relationships and self understanding. They will also develop a sense of community and belonging through building positive relationships for learning and behaviour. They will be able to understand and respectfully challenge and be challenged by people of different lifestyles, beliefs and practices.


RE Curriculum Statement