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PE & School Sport



At Manor Farm Junior School we understand that Physical Education plays a vital and unique role in pupil’s development, with early experiences of sport having a lifelong impact on children. All children participate in 2 hours of Physical Education per week. Physical Education teaching is split between the class teacher and Complete Sports, a high quality external PE provider. Our carefully planned, developmentally appropriate lessons enable all children to develop their physical and social-emotional skills in safe and supportive environments. 


Pupils at Manor Farm experience a broad and balanced range of sports during Physical Education lessons. Pupils take part in team, individual, cooperative and competitive activities to ensure all children are given an equal opportunity to find and participate in a sport they enjoy. As well as developing technical skills to be competent in a range of sports our pupils are supported with their personal and interpersonal skills. Communication, cooperation, reflection, resilience and determination and bravery are at the heart of Physical Education lessons. Our children compete with integrity and a shared purpose to succeed alongside their peers. 


Manor Farm children are given regular opportunities to apply their sporting skills in supportive competitive environments. Pupils compete as part of a team in inter-house competitions in addition to  representing themselves and Manor Farm at inter-school sports events. Our Physical Education curriculum is enriched with trips to professional sporting events, ‘non-traditional’ sporting workshops and participation in European School Sports Day and National School Sports Week. A wide range of athletes and sports are studied and diversity in sport is celebrated. 


At Manor Farm Junior School, we believe that the importance of physical activity extends beyond Physical Education lessons. We are committed to helping all our pupils achieve the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity a day through active playtimes and a range of extra-curricular sports clubs. 


A child leaving Manor Farm Junior School will have the physical, emotional, and social skills required to continue to enjoy and succeed in their areas of sporting interest. Each of our children will be equipped with the tools they need to lead an active and healthy life.


Through Sport and PE our students at Manor Farm Junior School will:

  • Demonstrate sporting integrity
  • Show a curiosity in sport, exercise and what their body is capable of
  • Demonstrate bravery by trying new things and representing their school
  • Be challenged
  • Understand what they are learning and why
  • Be active and healthy
  • Think for themselves and be able to discuss their learning
  • Endeavour to improve, self-evaluate  and learn through mistakes
  • Build strength, suppleness and stamina
  • Be comfortable in a competitive environment
  • Demonstrate a growth mind-set

Manor farm Values in PE

PE Curriculum Statement

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