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The science of geography is vast and diverse. It explores the relationships among areas, natural systems, cultural activities and the interdependence of all these over space. A deep understanding of geography opens the world up for our children to discover, learn about and protect for generations to come.  Physical and human geography are studied and the symbiotic relationship between both are explored, developing an understanding of the wider world around them.  Children will be given opportunities to look at the fragility of planet Earth and the impact the human race is having on the natural world.  The fate of planet Earth lies in the hands of the next generation. Our children have a pivotal role to play and therefore, we strive to empower our children to make informed decisions grounded with integrity. 


As geographers, our children will:

  • Understand the role they play in society to ensure a sustainable future for all
  • Learn fieldwork techniques to ask and answers questions about the environment
  • Gain a deep knowledge of our diverse planet, include the many races and religions that live here

Geography curriculum statement

Geography progression document

Geography National Curriculum