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Manor Farm Junior School

An Academy of the Great Learners Trust


School Vision and Values

“Love school. Love Learning”


Our School Vision and Values

Whether  pupil or staff member, and regardless of starting point, background, individual needs, interests or aspirations, Manor Farm Junior School will:

  • stimulate your curiosity about the world and ensure you are equipped to reach your full potential,
  • welcome you into a community you feel part of and are proud to share with others
  • give you the confidence to do the right thing and the resilience you need to achieve your dreams.

We will do this within a happy and safe environment and with a relentless drive to do the best for everyone, together, as a team.


Our School Ethos

At Manor Farm we believe:

  • that good decisions are based on solid research and understanding. We strive to learn from others, value feedback and push ourselves to do better,
  • that being a good person is the only way to be. We listen to each other, support others’ needs and work hard to do what’s right, even when it’s difficult,
  • that our differences make us what we are, and we all have our own paths to walk. We never give up, we do our best and know that anything is possible.