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We have adopted a new programme to teach PSHE/RSE from September 2020. We will be using the Jigsaw PSHE scheme of work for all aspects of the PSHE education and, in the summer months (Terms 5 and 6), we will be teaching lessons taken from this scheme for Relationships and Sex Education (RSE). 


What is Jigsaw PSHE?

The Jigsaw programme is a whole school approach, with all year groups working on the same theme (Puzzle) at the same time, at their own level.

This will ensure consistency in the teaching of PSHE/RSE across the school and will enable the children to share their work and celebrate their achievements, generating a whole school focus for both children and adults. It brings together PSHE education, emotional literacy and social skills in one comprehensive scheme of learning. There are six Puzzles altogether, which will be taught across the six half terms. Each year group will be taught one lesson per week. 


At Manor Farm, our aim is to develop our pupils’ skills and knowledge that help them to keep healthy and safe, as well as building skills which help them to engage with others in a respectful and kind way. There are many elements to each lesson, with mindfulness and being reflective being key components. We have begun the Autumn term with ‘Being Me in My World’ and we will be beginning our ‘Celebrating Difference’ topic after half term. 


Each half term, we will share our learning with you and give you information about our half termly themes. In the summer terms, we will cover RSE and will provide you with more information nearer the time.