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Curriculum Enrichment

The importance of enriching the curriculum beyond the classroom is well known and offers pupils a chance to learn in alternative ways so that learning becomes memorible and lasting. Through provding a range of stimulating and engaging learning experiences here at manor Farm Juniors and through a variety of excursions we are supporting the children to bridge the gap btween their minds and the external world. 


Kolb's research and Experiential Learning Cycle underpin our thinking around providing the children with a variety of learning experiences. Children are immersed in their learning and have concrete experiences that feed into reflective observations, conceptualisation and finally active experiementation with their new learning. It is this process that provides our children with cultural capital and a chance to make greater than expected progress across the curriculum. Other researchers in education including Dewey, Watkins and Reggio Emilia also support this view, a view that actively supports learning. 





Experiential Learning Overview