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Through careful and considered planning of history, the children at Manor Farm Junior School are given opportunities to take an in depth and curious  look into how the world around them has been shaped into what it is today. We provide pupils with knowledge, skills and understanding to research human history as well as that of creativity, endeavour and exploration through time. 

Pupils at Manor Farm Junior School develop their understanding of historical enquiry through a clear progression of skills that have been carefully mapped out. Pupils explore and learn knowledge about the past and from this, develop a deeper understanding of historical events and the impact these continue to have in our modern society. 

The units of learning have been carefully considered and are based on our understanding of the children at Manor Farm Junior School and the local community. It is of great importance to us that our curriculum is relevant and meaningful to our children. We nurture pupils’ curiosity about the past so that they can better understand the diverse societies and cultures of today. Our curriculum is planned to ensure a diverse range of backgrounds and cultures are recognised and celebrated. This supports the teaching of local history and develops a broader sense of how children’s communities have developed and changed in the more recent past. 

Our history curriculum will develop learners who can:

  • Think critically and question historical sources
  • Develop informed opinions and provide clear justifications for them
  • Present and defend information from a range of valid sources
  • Develop their personal identity and integrity within a cultural, political and social context

Our history curriculum is taught creatively using a broad range of approaches, resources and its experiences. These include storytelling, role play, workshops, question and answer sessions, discussions and debates, individual and group research, investigating artifacts and sources of evidence, educational visits, visitors, computing and reading. 

Children are encouraged to question, discuss and challenge sources of evidence. Thus, empowering our children to make informed decisions and develop sound opinions based on their understanding of the past.

Children at Manor Farm Junior School will be able to communicate their understanding in a clear and concise manner through a range of mediums. We will equip our children with the skills needed in order to evaluate and question the society we live in as we move through the 21st Century. Our children will have a broad and balanced understanding of the challenges that face our society and will have mechanisms to tackle difficulties that will arise.


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