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"I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn."

Anne Frank



At Manor Farm Junior School we want to develop children who love to write and are inspired to express themselves confidently and in a variety of ways through the written form. We aim to inspire children to engage with writing, develop positive attitudes towards writing and develop writing habits that will move on with them through life. We will equip children with the necessary writing skills to be able to express themselves clearly - in both the every day functional uses of writing as a means of communicating with others - and  also to develop a love of writing with creativity and flair.  We want children to understand that writing is a way to express their inner personal voice and is a forum in which they can communicate with the wider world. We provide children with many meaningful opportunities to find pleasure in the writing process through discussion, reading, drafting, critiquing, reflecting, sharing, performing and publishing. We want children to leave Manor Farm Junior School with the bravery to express themselves through any written form.


Our writing curriculum ties seamlessly with our whole school values:


Children are curious writers, showing an interest in exploring the history and use of language. Their curiosity enables them to discuss the writing and language choices of a broad and diverse range of authors, gathering ideas to use within their own creations.


Children write with bravery when they experiment with form and genre, when they take on feedback and use it to adapt and change their writing and when they reflect upon their own performance and see this as an opportunity to improve. 


Children approach writing with integrity when they use ideas from a wide range of sources, appreciating the nuance of language and its subtle meanings. Our pupils demonstrate integrity through sharing and enjoying their own writing and that of their peers and by developing an understating of how writing with real purpose can influence and affect the world around them.

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